Our products are a unique offering of limited edition statues and busts, articulated figures, film prop replicas and fine art pieces in a wide range of scales.

We embody the essence of anime as avid collectors, passionate producers, and trusted sellers.

As collectors, we are consumed by an insatiable love for animated characters, immersing ourselves in their captivating stories and captivating designs.

As producers, our unwavering dedication is directed towards crafting exquisite resin statues that epitomize the pinnacle of quality. Every detail meticulously sculpted, every brushstroke deliberate, resulting in a masterpiece that captures the very soul of each character.

As sellers, we take great pride in our integrity and reliability. With utmost transparency, we ensure that every transaction is conducted with utmost professionalism and care. Trust us to deliver nothing short of excellence.

We extend a warm invitation to all fellow anime enthusiasts, inviting them to join us on this remarkable journey. Engage with us, share your thoughts and experiences, for it is through our collective passion that we can truly bring the magic of anime to life.

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